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Investment in our state-of-the-art research and development laboratory is continuous, which has enabled Steyport to remain at the forefront of technical innovations in the coatings industry.

A major innovation in the coatings industry has been the move away from the use of toxic flammable materials to more environmentally friendly water-based products.

Steyport continues to invest technical resources in promoting waterbased technologies
and has an in-depth knowledge of aqueous coatings systems.

We work closely with customers to develop environmentally friendly products and have recently invested significant resources in developing “low VOC” and “VOC free” alternatives to more traditional solvent containing products.

As a manufacturer, Steyport takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. In 1997 our factory was purpose built to meet all environmental requirements.

We constantly ensure that all processes are fully compliant with all up-to-the-minute legislation.

All wastewater and air is cleaned and purified before returning to the environment.